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Proudly Landscaping for Colorado Springs & Manitou Springs area since 1978.

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Why Buy Locally Sourced Firewood

Firewood that has been transported from one area to another can devastate an area due to invasive species. Purchasing wood from us will save you from the higher prices when buying in a tourist area. Our wood is also great for burning at home. We do advise you to check local burning restrictions prior to starting a fire. Call for pricing today.


Spring Lawn Care for Colorado Springs & Manitou Springs

One of the most common mistakes in lawn care is finding the correct amount to water your lawn. Therefore over or under watering can cause your grass to die. First of all you need to find out is what type of grass you have. As a result you will be able to choose the correct type of system to water your grass. Here at Hortus we are happy to help you choose the best sprinkler system to maintain your grass, while saving you money on your water bill. Call for a free estimate today.



Tips on Fire Mitigation

Living in Colorful Colorado comes at a price. Due to our region being a high plains desert, it is not a matter of if, but a matter of when the next wildfire will start. Protect your most valuable asset, with fire mitigation. Call us today to see what we can do to lower your risk. We offer free quotes.


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